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Once you ear and understand the difference of Gotham Audio Cables there is no return.

For more than 38 years Gotham Audio Cables have been supplying there superior range of professional audio cables to the audio-industry.
Gotham kept there range a unique assortment of professional products, not compromising there goal, a cable which meets the professional's demand for worry-free transportation of audio-signals. Gotham Audio Cables feature the unique "Double Reussen Shielding"; 2 layers of 100% coverage with copper wires on the conductor(s) resulting in superb flexibility, best possible Rf-rejection (up to 130 dB!), easy and fast handling and long reliability.

Back in 1990, they introduced the first digital audio cable for the AES/EBU format (110 ohm balanced cables) and are now recognized as the premier manufacturer of digital audio cables. Today, they even offer a full range of multipair cables for AES/EBU digital audio signals with astonishing performance and flexibility.
In 1995, they have introduced a range of special, non corrosive, flame- retarding installation-cables, which are completely halogen-free and suitable for installation in public buildings, theatres, broadcast studios and units where flame-retarding cables are necessary. The first step to get around the dangerous and toxic PVC-material for cables. This range includes foil-shielded installation-cables as well as cables featuring our exclusive "Double Reussen Shielding".

In the same year Gotham decided to offer single-shielded cables with lower cost but same quality standards as our Gotham Audio Cables range under the trademark of DGS. Lower weight and smaller diameter multicore cables and high flexibility are only a few of the features of this new range of DGS Audio Cables.
Further we are offering a range of Loudspeaker Cables and Video Cables as standard products off the shelve.
Gotham cables are exclusively manufactured in Europe. All Cables are made to higest standards, are RoHS compliant and there is only LCOF Copper being used in all our cables.

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